How To Teach a Dog To Protect You

Raising a good guard dog that will protect you & your family.

I am not a professional dog trainer, but all the dogs I have ever been a caregiver to, have been aggressive breeds such as pitbulls & rottweilers that I have adopted at various ages (not just puppies). Any one of them would have gladly laid down their lives for me.... and I for any one of them. Although I am not a professional dog trainer, I have a lot of experience with dogs, particularly aggressive ones, and so I offer this advice to all of those people that want a dog for protection.
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My Opinion...

* If you have an aggressive breed of dog, you do not need to train it to be aggressive. You may need to train it to not be aggressive. There is no need to teach an aggressive dog such as a pitbull, rottweiler, doberman, bulldog, terrier, or a mastiff, to be mean.

* Although some people think that a guard dog needs to be trained to know when to attack, dogs have much better instincts than people, and naturally know when to attack. It is much more important to teach a dog when not to attack, and to cease attacking at your command.

* Here's a little common sense... If you want a dog to protect you and guard you, then give it lots of love and a happy care-free life. It is instinct for a dog to protect what it loves (such as good food), if you give your dog lots of love and a happy life, that dog will love you, and will always be watching out for you and ready to protect you.

* More common sense... If you want a dog to protect your family, then make sure that the various members of your family give it plenty of love and treat it well. As an example: if everyone in your family ignores the dog except your daughter and one of your sons, then the dog will only generally be protective of those 2 members of the family.

* It is very important to socialize aggressive dogs when they are young. Try to expose your dog to lots of nice children, and friendly dogs of all ages while your dog is still very young. If you do not, then you may not be able to take your dog for walks in the neighboorhood (or other public places) when it is grown up, out of fear that it may hurt another dog or child.

* Don't "fight your dog". Proponents of dog fighting will claim that "aggressive dogs like to fight". This is not true! Aggressive dogs like to wrestle and they like to protect their caregivers, but they do not like to "fight". Just because they will do it, doesn't mean they like it.

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