The Opinionated Comments of an Animal Lover

Like many animal lovers I have some very strong opinions about issues related to animals, particularly dogs. For example, even as a pit bull lover and owner, it's my opinion that most of the people that own pitbulls or are looking to own a pit bull are idiots or a@$ holes. Why is it that every punk in the country with an inferiority complex wants to own a pitbull and teach it to be mean? I believe we need to require an IQ test for people wanting to own pitbulls. And while were at it, lets require an IQ test for a drivers liscense too.

Anyway... before I go on a long winded rant lets get back to the subject, my opinions. This section of this misleading site is about my opinions on animal related topics and how you feel about them. So feel free to pitch in with your own opinions but keep it civil. We're not talking about religion here so we don't have to start a war or try to kill each other to see who has the better God or who's right.

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