Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale
Find a Shih Tzu puppy for sale in Lubbock

    Trying to find a purebred Shih Tzu puppy for sale in Lubbock? Dog breeders and pet stores are'nt the only place you might find a purebred dog for sale. Many people don't realize that aside from the "dog pound", there are breed specific rescue orgs all over the country. Almost all the different types of dogs that are purebred have some kind of common health problem though, whereas mixed breed dogs or "mutts" often live healthier & longer lives because of this. For all the genetic screening, temperment testing, & other things breeders do to "perfect the breed", they just don't seem to be able to produce a dog that is as health as your "standard mutt". So if your looking for a Lubbock Shih Tzu dog breeder or a pet store that sells Shih Tzus? You can find purebred Shih Tzu puppies often times at a local humane society. If they dont have the purebred Shih Tzu puppy that you're after, you could also check a breed specific rescue organization in your area. There are links at the bottom of this page to directories of animal shelters & breed specific rescue organizations in Lubbock, Texas & other parts of the US.

    The purpose of this website is to target the people online who are searching for a "Shih Tzu puppy for sale", and provide them with reasons thet should consider adopting a dog or puppy instead of buying one. Please see the link below for just a few good reasons not to buy a dog or puppy.

Click here for a
list of reasons why
you should adopt a dog
instead of buying one.

You can also try your local petsmart, the dogs you see there are for adoption and not for sale.


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