Don't Buy A Dog... Save One!

   Every single day hundreds of dogs are needlessly "put to sleep" at the shelters because nobody wants to adopt them. Everyone wants a brand new puppy. Of course they do! Puppies are adorable! Just remember, they are A LOT of work too. They have accidents on the carpet, cry in the night and chew up your shoes, furniture and ankles. They also need to be trained on all the basics.....SIT, STAY, LAY, COME HERE, and No! No! No! Puppies also do not stay small and cute for very long. Before a year has passed, they are fully grown and the cute wrinkles are all gone. All I'm trying to say is that an adopted dog, especially a slightly older one, can be a lot less work, especially if you have a busy life or are too tired to give a puppy the attention and play time {exercise} they require. Older dogs are usually already house broken and already know most if not all of the basic commands. All you have to do is give them a chance by saving their life. Experience the immense amounts of love and joy they will give you in gratitude for saving their life, (don't think that they don't know), and for giving them a loving home to live in instead of a cold, hard, dirty, cage where no one has the time or the heart to play with them.

   All five of my dogs and one cat have been adopted or taken in as strays and were 3 months to 4 years old. None of them caused me any more grief than a new puppy would have, and they were definitely less work! Sure some of them had their share of mild to extreme health issues, BUT..... I have worked for two very prominent vets where the majority of their patients were purebred dogs or puppies, purchased from a very reputable breeder or a pet store, and they too had just as many health issues as a mutt or a puppy from a shelter. Even the best breeders in the world have not learned how to breed out certain health conditions that are associated with the breed. For instance, cocker spaniels will always have chronic ear problems, rottweilers will almost always have hip problems, greyhounds suffer from a condition that causes their intestines to twist up and can die from that at any age, poodles have runny eyes and horrible rotting teeth, and the list of problems goes on and on for almost every breed. If you think you're going to save some money in the long run by BUYING a BRAND NEW HEALTHY puppy from a reputable breeder or pet store, don't be fooled by what they tell you! You will wind up spending plenty of money on your puppy's breed related health issues no matter how good of a breeder they are and how much they care about their dogs. If you're going to have to spend all kinds of money anyway, why not save a life in the process? Every dog or puppy that is purchased through a breeder or a pet store, takes away one life at the shelter where nobody is willing to give them a chance. Since they don't have any fancy papers to say they are important, we choose to discard their lives like they are a worthless piece of trash that has nothing good to offer anybody. Not True! Do you think a dog with papers is going to be capable of bringing you any more joy into your life or love inside your heart? Do you think that they are better in some way and are more significant and have more of a right to live than any other one of God's creatures? If the answer is no, then get down to a shelter or a pure bred rescue organization and Adopt a dog instead of Buying one.

Misc. Statistics

* 4.5 Million dogs are euthanized [put to sleep] in shelters each year.

* Out of 100% only 22% of the dogs that wind up in a shelter by accident, are actually reclaimed
    by their owners.

* ONE female dog and her offspring can produce 67 thousand puppies in 6 years if they are not
   neutered. That's approximately 1,120 puppies per year! - A very large directory of rescue organizations & humane societies. Includes a database of lost & found pets to help you find a dog or cat. - A large website of shelter & rescue organizations as well as humane society listings. Also includes a database of lost & found animals.

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